As a child I was fascinated by how my Nan moved around her kitchen while baking. She seemed to be able to do several things at once and always sang. She loved it! Caught up in her enthusiasm, she taught me how to bake cakes, make pastry and how important it was for things to taste good!

Today, I bake and it gives me the same pleasure it gave her. I love nothing more than making something good and people loving how it tastes! Appreciative noises and smiles are the best compliments to making a cake.

I started my cake business in 2015. This was following making our own wedding cake in 2014 which, coupled with cupcakes, people loved. I started making more and more, taking them into work and using my colleagues as guinea pigs for new flavours and ideas…. until someone said – you should be selling these!

I thought long and hard about starting a business, taught myself to make sugar flowers, watched endless tutorials and started my business making celebration cakes in 2015. As my confidence grew, I started going on courses to learn new skills and improve on existing ones and have met some truly wonderful friends along the way.

I am learning all the time – and hope that you enjoy looking at my work and, hopefully, the taste of my cakes.